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Tips for a Photogenic Wedding

A bride’s worries sometimes seem never-ending. The last thing a bride wants to worry about is how she looks in the hundreds of pictures being taken that day. Of course, putting your best face forward is not only achievable but easy as well. Here are some helpful tips in order to be your most photogenic self on your big day.

Be Yourself

In ten years you still want to recognize yourself; you don’t want a stranger hanging on your mantel. Whether you hire a professional or do your makeup yourself, remember it’s still your face under there. You should enhance your beauty not change it.

Time of Day Matters

Photographers know how important lighting is. If you are having a wedding outside, try to avoid direct sunlight and don’t squint. Also, less is more in this case in terms of makeup. Softer lighting will be more flattering to skin tones. Evening weddings are ideal for this.

The time of day definitely plays a part in what you choose to wear and the makeup; consider the formality and mood of your session or event to lead the direction.

It’s All in the Pose

We are all aware of our “good side” and “bad side”. Accentuate your best features by posing in such a way to hide your flaws. Also practice good posture. Standing up straight for photos while wearing your flawless wedding gown will create a beautiful silhouette and make for a very proud bride.


The more poise you have, the more you are likely to look natural and show off your best features. The most attractive pictures are the result of someone who is comfortable around the camera and knows what they want. This kind of relaxation does not always come naturally. As always, practice makes perfect.

By Sara Doerrier


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